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What is BusinessMan game

What is the BusinessMan game?

In BusinessMan, you are an entrepreneur among others. You can for example start off by investing your initial 20k€ smartly or try to become a chairman in some company.

Once you're a chairman, you start making regular income, but the biggest incomes naturally lie behind the greatest of risks.

Different ways of making money in BusinessMan
You can invest in the stocks market
You can invest in real estate
You can build stores and sell others products
You can make a factory and produce goods for sale
You can build a farm and grow goods for sale
You can build a research plant to improve on existing products
You can gather different kinds of resources, like oil, wood, iron, coal etc.
You can build different kinds of power plants, coal power, windmills and nuclear plants.

As you can see, there are many ways to get rich.


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